"I will not tolerate not being heard as a result of excess testosterone."
— Gillian Anderson (via lecterswench)


Happy birthday to the amazing and incredibly talented Lana Parrilla. ♥

Congrats to all of the Veeple at Veep, for their NINE 2014 Primetime Emmy Nominations! #ibelievethatveepwillsweep

  • Brazilian Fans: What the fuck
  • German Fans: What the fuck
  • Everyone: What the fuck

"Oh, Julia. I’m happy that we, as a society, are now willing to openly celebrate what was so obvious a quarter-century ago: She is the finest comedic actress of multiple generations. Acting teachers always talk about the importance of “presence,” but Louis-Dreyfus, with her wide-eyed gusto, looks downright tickled to be there even if “there” happens to be a one-bedroom apartment with a rabid New Jersey Devils fan. It’s no surprise that Louis-Dreyfus has had the best post-Seinfeld performing career, because she was always the show’s best performer."
— Andy Greenwald, “25 Thoughts on the 25th Anniversary of the ‘Seinfeld’ Premiere” [X] (via fuckyeahjld)