So, I don’t know if you heard, but ABC canceled Body of Proof. Yeah, that’s right, it’s done, it’s over. Except that it’s SO not. Us fans, boppers, we’re not okay with it and we are going to fight to save this show. I personally think that it’s a great show, with an awesome cast (Dana Delany is brilliant, c’mon! She can pass her feelings in a way that it really hits me, you know. About Mark Valley, I simply love him, he’s so charming! And of course, the rest of the cast fits perfectly, Jeri Ryan, Geoffrey Arend and Windell Middlebrooks are amazing); interesting cases, I like the way they try to show how the autopsies and the procedures are done, the importance of her job to get some closure after a death; and now the story about Megan’s father, her relationship with Tommy (they are SO gonna be together). I like BOP because I think it’s different from other shows, it has something special that holds us on the screen each episode. So I’m asking you, yes you, to, please, sign this petition and help us save this show. Just imagine if your show were canceled, wouldn’t you do everything you could possibly do to save it? So please:


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